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We want to raise a point on outsourced IT support.  As it comes, many companies prefer to have the perceived “control” that comes with an in-house option.  This said, there are underlining business issues that can be caused by having in-house IT Support. These issues are caused when the in-house resources come exhausted and the team lacks the appropriate tools and skills needed. If you’ve ever struggled with IT Support, I suggest you continue reading this article a bit further!

First to base the following arguments, I want to emphasize that we are a company and as a CoRE of our services, our business provides a customised IT Support Solutions with both remote and on-site Service level agreements. These agreements are designed to meet our customers various needs and can be paid, monthly, periodically, quarterly or yearly!

In our experience, choosing to use an outsourced IT Support provider provides a lot of benefits that can increase the bottom line of your business whilst offering the best in class protection from cyber threats. You might have been balancing out the benefits of keeping and increasing your in-house IT support but  this article is here to help you to understand the most common benefits of selecting to go with an outsourced IT Support service.

In the next section we’ve listed some of the benefits with more in detail with an easy to read infographic on the 4 Most common benefits of outsourced IT Support with the help of our IT specialists!

TOP 4 benefits of outsourced IT Support Service

4 Benefits of outsourced IT Support

We are here to help!

Our staff have many years of IT experience providing IT Support to Schools and Small Businesses. We specialise in everything IT related from supplying the hardware, to installation and ongoing support of your IT provision. We can even help you plan for the future by working with you to see where you want your IT to go, and how much to spend.

If there is anything CoRE can do to help secure your school or business data please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0330 22 35 229 or hit us an email enquiries@coreeducational.org.uk

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