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Cost of IT Support For a Small Business

As buyers, we need to know the cost of something well before we commit to buying any new services or technologies, this also includes buying IT Support Services. Usually we expect to have clear pricing information available and we want to be able to understand what is included in the price given. This will help us to make the right decisions to meet our goals whilst keeping the cost at a level we are happy with.

Even though most services and products normally come with reasonable pricing structures, our customers have told us that the pricing of IT Support is hard to come by. This article was built with our tech team to let you know all about there is to know about the cost of IT Support Services to small businesses.

Why is the information on the cost of IT Support so hard to come by?

Why is the information on the cost of IT Support so hard to come by?

The majority of IT Support providers avoid mentioning prices for their support online, even though they will quote you with very small prices. In our opinion, there is one main driver for this behaviour.

The price they give does not include specific hours per week and will only cover up to a few hours of support each month. Also, there will likely be hidden costs for any additional work on your IT systems.

By looking at the infographic you can see the main issue with these £22 per user offfers. Our team has calculated the average hours allocated with the model and were shocked to see how little they might cover for.

This said, 6hr 45 min is less than a full day of work each month. And this is all the time these companies could spend with your business to break even with their own costs.  Thus, as a business who expects your IT Support to cover host activities on top of safeguarding your databases and keeping it available, these contracts are not viable. These activities take much more time than a day per month. With this in mind, your £22 quote will either not give you the support you need or there will be hidden costs.

Hidden costs of IT Support?

These hidden costs can turnout blowing your IT Support budget as most companies giving these cheap quotes will not include the following, for example:

  • IT Technicians work to fix a failure of your server
  • Delivery and Reconfiguration of new software
  • Website Management and Design
  • Training for Microsoft Products and Operating Systems

Above, we’ve listed some of the common needs and issues with your IT infrastructure and personnel training that can prove themselves costly when not included in your IT Support Agreement. For instance, even the fixes to your business server could take all the hours allocated for the whole month with one of the £22 quotes!

Our advice to you is that rather than paying per user you’ll see your options based on SLAs available with regular visits. These can be anything from half day to full day per week or more. We can also base your pricing on the actual hours needed (onsite or remote only). This makes sure that all the work you need gets done with no hidden costs.

How much should IT Support Cost? With CoRE it doesn’t have to cost the earth

The pricing of IT Support, whether it’s onsite & remote or remote only, shouldn’t cost the earth. We at CoRE will use a transparent pricing model that can be either a fixed fee or based on the hours of support you need. This cost might seem a bit higher than the cheap quotes of £22 per user, but you’ll never have to worry about those hidden costs.

Hence, you’re always paying for exactly what you need, after all it’s our mission to deliver IT Solutions that work for you. (It also means we can spend more than 6h45min with you a month!)

IT Support with best price and quality

How to find more about the cost of IT Support?

Our article was not directed at justifying a higher start point for pricing, rather it was to help you understand the importance of selecting the right amount of IT Support from day one to prevent hidden costs and setting your business under various security threats arising from too little support.

If you’re still feeling like the £22 quote is the way forward for your business, then that’s okay. But in the case we called your attention, why don’t you give us a call on 0330 22 35 229 or email and we can discuss you needs in detail for the best quote!

We are here to help!

Our staff have many years of IT experience providing IT Support to Schools and Small Businesses. We specialise in everything IT related from supplying the hardware, to installation and ongoing support of your IT provision. We can even help you plan for the future by working with you to see where you want your IT to go, and how much to spend.

If there is anything CoRE can do to help secure your school or business data please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0330 22 35 229 or hit us an email

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