Google Chrome starts blocking unprotected content downloads

– warnings begin as early as April on the web browser

Google has just revealed its plan to begin restricting unprotected downloads in its Google Chrome browser. Whilst this update is first of its kind it will be an important update for IT security. Revealed in the company blog last week , Joe DeBlasio of the Chrome security team wrote: “Chrome is gradually starting to ensure that protected https pages only download protected files.”  This is great news for all Chrome users as it will protect your machines from malicious files and viruses.

When will you get the update?

This new policy is to be phased in gradually, says The Verge. The first changes will take effect on Chrome 82, due in April and the newly updated browser version will warn the user if they are downloading insecure executable content.

Ultimately, with version 86, the browser is not only meant to warn about, but also to block all malicious files. This includes:

  • unprotected archive files,
  • pdf and doc files,
  • image, audio and video files.
Google Chrome
Google Chrome

According to DeBlasio, insecure downloaded files pose a risk to the user’s security and privacy.

“Insecure downloaded software may have been infected with malware, and for example, insecure downloaded bank statements can be read by spyware.” Google Chrome browser was updated to version 80 last week on Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android.

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