Refurbished Computers and Laptops Market Keeps on Growing

We are actively encouraging our customers to adopt new, cost-efficient methods to buy computers and laptops, whether it’s leasing or buying refurbished units. As we want to do our part for the environment, we have included refurbished desktops and laptops as a part of our CoRE services, and this article is here to tell you more about the refurbished market, trends and technology.

Importance of E-waste control and Refurbished IT in a nutshell

Many European companies are already using refurbished machinery to meet the current policies on e-waste.  This trend fueled by the environmental policies and low cost of the technology has allowed the industry to grow throughout the 2010’s.

Let’s face it: – These machines with extended warranties are very pocket-friendly with their pricing! Clearly, this is why the refurbished market is steadily gaining traction in the UK, where most of our clients buy these over new, to be used in schools and businesses.

The United Kingdom is now the single, largest refurbished IT market in Europe, and the sales of these second hand devices has increased steadily throughout the last decade.  Many UK companies and businesses have started to use Refurbished IT to cut to down their costs of IT to deal inventively with their reduced budgets.

In addition to the previous trend,  the refurbished market, which is traditionally considered to be only for business sector, is expanding.  There is a rise in the use of refurbished computers for personal use as well. Refurbished IT in the personal segment is estimated to grow to be the second largest for refurbished products by 2027. This is also supported by the infographic of Transparency market research report which  can be seen below.

Refurbished market 2019-2027

Even-though refurbished machines are mostly offered for businesses, we identified that our products also fit the need for personal use.  This goes also in line with the research conducted by transparency research. Whether you are a student looking for a computer to stream with, or an architect looking for great quality without the steep price, our refurbished range can be customized to meet your needs.

Taking up on a refurbished computer or a laptop reduces the impact you have on the nature and can save you a lot of costs too!

Refurbished configurations allow a longer IT lifespan

To Schools, Businesses and Personal use

In order to provide IT solutions that work for you, our business focuses on providing refurbs that have increased processing power. We do this, for example,  by replacing the spinning hard drives of the machines with new SSDs (Solid State Drives) to enhance the computer’s durability and performance.

Choosing the right machine can be tricky, especially with mid-range specs and budgets. Our advice is to consider is power and reliability. In essence, think about these questions.

  1. Do you need a powerful machine that’s going to be working all day everyday?
  2. Do you just need something to run Microsoft Office?

Here at CoRE, we are always on hand to advise you on which machine is best for you. So if you are looking into purchasing a new machine, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0330 22 35 229 to ensure you get the desired machine at a competitive price with a full business warranty.

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