5G networks are building up in full steam and the hype is hottest.

What is 5G network?

5G is a new generation mobile network that is significantly faster and 5G network also accommodates significantly more users than its predecessor 4G.

  • 5G network is up to ten times faster than 4G, so downloading videos, movies and other large files is extremely fast.
  • The 5G network also has 10 times the capacity, which means it can accommodate many times more users than the current 4G network.

Can you be excited for 5G networks or is it still hype?

5G networks are building up in full steam and the hype is hot around them. It seems that many started outlining technology-driven designs around of what people and businesses could do with significantly higher connection speeds and lower network latency. In response, examples of remote surgery and smart cities invaded by robot cars came to life!

This has been seen in the context of many technological revolutions: Technology is being marketed through highly speculative technology-driven service examples. In 5G, many are now doing the same. While the extremely high data rates and low latency promised by 5G are critical elements for both remote surgery and autonomous vehicles, it will take years before they become commonplace. It will take time for 5G networks to cover the entire country, and technology will evolve to guarantee a guaranteed minimum delay between any two points.

Robot cars and remote surgeries?

A major obstacle to the rapid spread of remote surgery to homes or ski resorts, for example, is the fact that cutting robots cost millions and their installation and use require specialized expertise, which very few have.

Also, the availability of the 5G network is not a main barrier to the proliferation of robot cars. In enclosed areas, such as airports or industrial areas, unmanned vehicles have been moving for several years. They work just fine on 4G connections.

However, it will take years for us to see completely driverless cars on the road. Artificial intelligence in automobiles still needs to evolve and legislation, insurance and many more are changing. Personally, I would expect it to take at least ten years, but probably much longer.

Hype of 5G networks is allowed!

In fact, 5G is already delivering a great deal of added value to the things that people, businesses and society need in order to make work and life smoother, more efficient and more rewarding:

  • Cheap sensors today can measure and control just about anything. Information can be conveyed instantly, and in a secure way, to very challenging sites, such as underground boilers.
  • 5G will soon bring fast, high-quality connectivity to homes and businesses that previously had no choice but to end-of-life DSL connections over an old landline.
  • Next year will also see clearly better-performing and cheaper 5G smartphones. 5G networks are also beginning to be more than just individual access points in a few cities, and the 5G phone is beginning to bring real benefits to people who appreciate smooth video conferencing, high-quality video or cloud-based online games.
  • The migration to 5G services will also reduce congestion on 4G networks, and consequently the quality of service on 4G networks will be further improved. Everyone benefits.

So 5G is a reality right now and big next year. In fact, I am, therefore, very excited, even though these robot cars like the hype-examples, most of which are written, still give us waiting for ages.

Hype on 5G Networks

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