It’s the final call to migrate to Windows 10

The Windows 7 end of life nears

Windows 10 November

Windows End of Life Explained

Microsoft committed to provide 10 years of product support for Windows 7 when it was released on October 22, 2009. This ten-year period has now ended. Microsoft has stopped supporting Windows 7 to redirect its support to newer technologies and great new experiences. The end date for Windows 7 support is next week, 14th of January 2020.

Technical support and Windows Update updates for this product are no longer available to protect your computer. Microsoft strongly recommends that you upgrade to Windows 10 to avoid situations where you need a service or support that is no longer available.

What does this mean to me?

After January 14th 2020, security updates for Windows 7 computers will no longer be available. Therefore, it is important that you upgrade to a modern operating system, such as Windows 10, which helps ensure the security of you and your data by providing the latest security updates. In addition, Microsoft Customer Support no longer provides technical support for Windows 7 devices. Services related to Windows 7 will also be terminated over time. For example, certain games, such as Internet Backgammon and Internet Checkers, and the Windows Media Center Electronic Program Guide service are scheduled to stop in January 2020.

What should I do if I still have Windows 7

For most Windows 7 users, we recommend upgrading to a device that runs Windows 10. It’s because, today’s computers are faster, lightweight, and more efficient with significantly lower average prices than eight years ago. Our team can help you with selecting a new device for your use. Want to read more about Windows 10? See the Microsoft Overview page for more information.

We can help you to upgrade to a machine that runs Windows 10

See our refurbished product range or contact Abbygail, for a personalized quote:

  • Our e-shop RefurbIT4You offers a range of refurbished computers and laptops which all run Windows 10 as a standard operating system.
  • If you’re looking into getting new machines for your business or have more complex IT needs, you can also contact our Sales Negotiator Abbygail.  For a personalized quote, you can reach us by calling her at 0330 22 35 229  or through email

If you’re looking to continue using your old device, we can help you get your migration to Windows 10 sorted! In addition to offering wide range of products, our business offers IT repairs and upgrades with cost-effective prices! You can drop off your device at our office in Longton, or we can come and collect it from you. And because we do all our upgrades in-house, your device could be ready for the next day – depending on the type of fix you need.

For more information, leave us your details by sending us a mail or call us at 0330 22 35 229.

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