The importance of backing up!

With Christmas fast approaching and your new technology eagerly waiting under the tree, CoRE Educational wanted to discuss the importance of backing up your data to make it easily transferable to your new device. Have you ever experienced the heart in the stomach feeling when you lose valuable data, be it the family holiday pictures or the big work presentation you’ve been working on for the past few weeks.

What is the Cloud?

The cloud is still a term that causes a lot of confusion, both about what it is and how services utilise it. Put simply, the cloud is a set of computers that someone else is managing. When talking about syncing and sharing services like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, or any of the others, people often assume they are acting as a cloud backup solution as well.

Adding to the confusion, cloud storage services are often the back end for backup and sync services as well as standalone services, meaning some of your favourite apps are built in the cloud, sometimes using third party cloud storage. To help sort this out, we’ll define some of the terms below as they apply to a traditional computer setup with a bunch of apps and data

Cloud Sync

Dropbox, iCloud, Onedrive

These services sync folders on your computer or mobile device to folders on other machines or into the cloud, allowing users to work from a folder or directory across devices. Typically these services have tiered pricing, meaning you pay for the amount of data you store with the service, or for tiers of data that you are allowed to use. If there is data loss, sometimes these services even have a version history feature. Of course, only files that are in the synced folders are available to be recovered, resulting in sync services not being able to get back files that were never synced.


Cloud Backup

e.g. Computer backup and Carbonite

These services should work in the background. The user does not usually need to take any action like setting up and working out of specific folders like with sync services (though some online services do differ and you may want to make sure there are no gotchas, like common directories being excluded by default). Backup services typically back up new or changed data that is on your computer to another location. Before the cloud became an available and popular destination, that location was primarily a CD or an external hard drive, but as cloud storage became more readily available and affordable, quickly it became the most popular offsite storage medium. Typically cloud backup services have fixed pricing, and if there is a system crash or data loss, all backed up data is available for restore. In addition, these services have version history and rollback features in case there is data loss or accidental file deletion.

Cloud Storage

Google Cloud, Amazon and B2

These services are where many online backup, syncing, and sharing services store their data. Cloud storage providers typically serve as the endpoint for data storage. These services usually provide APIs (Application Program Interfaces), CLIs (Command Line Interfaces), and access points for individuals and developers to tie in their cloud storage offerings directly. This allows developers to create programs that use the cloud storage solution in any way they see fit. A good way to think about cloud storage is as a building block for whatever tool or service you want to create. Cloud storage services are priced per unit stored, meaning you pay for the amount of storage that you use and access. Since these services are designed for high availability and durability, data can live solely on these services, though we still recommend having multiple copies of your data, just in case.

Which cloud backup service is the best for you?

Here at CoRE, we have a cloud based solution to backing up your data. We have different options based on whether you are a school or business. CoRE Educational is accredited partners with Gigasoft, Carbonite and DropBox so we can deliver a solution which is right for you.


Gigasoft is an enterprise level online back up and data recovery solution. Gigasoft will give your business/school a high level of disaster recovery and business continuity with the minimum time at a competitive price. Your solution also comes with 24/7 telephone support if the worst should happen. Gigasoft have designed a secure, online data back up solution specifically for the education sector that has been government approved.

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