In the recent events such as the NHS Cyber attack, we would like to share some important information to our TP Systems Ltd customers regarding Cyber-Attacks and how to keep your precious files safe.
What is Ransomware and how does it affect me personally?
There are different types of Ransomware. However, all of them will prevent you from using your PC normally, and they will all ask you to do something before you can use your PC.
They can target any PC users, whether it’s a home computer, endpoints in an enterprise network, or servers used by a government agency or healthcare provider.


Ransomware can:
  • Prevent you from accessing Windows.
  • Encrypt files so you can’t use them.
  • Stop certain apps from running (like your web browser).
  • Ransomware will demand that you pay money (a “ransom”) to get access to your PC or files. We have also seen them make you complete surveys.
  • There is no guarantee that paying the fine or doing what the ransomware tells you will give access to your PC or files again.
How do I become a victim of Ransomware?
In most instances Ransomware is automatically downloaded when you visit a malicious website or a website that’s been hacked. Take extra caution when browsing websites and pay extra attention to fake downloads!
If I become a victim, should I pay the money for my files?
There is no one-size-fits-all response if you have been victimized by Ransomware. There is no guarantee that handing over the ransom will give you access to your files again. Paying the ransom could also make you a target for more malware.
Most importantly, How can i prevent this happening to me?
  • Install and use an up-to-date antivirus solution.
  • Make sure your software and operating systems is up-to-date.
  • Avoid clicking on links or opening attachments or emails from people you don’t know or companies you don’t do business with.
  • Have a pop-up blocker running in your web browser.
  • Regularly backup your important files.

You can backup your files with a cloud storage service that keeps a history or archive of your important files.

Please do not hesitate to ask us any information about how to keep yourself safe when using computers. We offer solutions to prevent these kind of situations from occurring.