We’re working with a lot of clients right now on setting up VPN connections and the ability to work from home. If you haven’t contacted us about this yet and need something setting up, please contact us via our helpdesk by one of the following:

Visit https://coreedultd.freshdesk.com/ (if you don’t have an account yet, click the “Sign Up” link on the right hand side on that page)

E-mail support@coreeducational.org.uk

We are committed to supporting you through this situation, and we are prepared to continue supporting your establishment whilst we’re potentially self-isolating. Whilst physical visits may not necessarily be possible by our staff, we will endeavour to help resolve any technical issues either over the phone or via remote support.

All we ask is that everything is logged through our helpdesk in order for us to keep track of the calls to allow us to offer the best service possible.

Some of our staff are now working at home, but we are still open and here to support you in our usual capacity.

If you need any help, or are looking to purchase equipment, you can contact us the following ways:

For Sales: Call 0330 22 35 229

Alternatively, you can call our usual number and choose from the following options:

Call 0330 22 34 669

Press 1 for Sales
Press 2 for Technical Support
Press 3 for SIMS Queries
Press 4 for Purchasing
Press 5 for Accounts

Alternatively, you can still use our helpdesk (https://coreedultd.freshdesk.com/) or e-mail support@coreeducational.org.uk to get in touch.